Monday, January 29, 2007

Source Lake

SF and I went with some friends on a small snowshoeing adventure Sunday to Source Lake. It's a pretty easy hike to get to, and there's a really nice trail. It is too bad that our book told us to "take off 'cross-country' northwest from the parking lot until you hit the trail." At least we got some nice and peaceful wooded hillside experiences. Namely: (1) not being able to walk down the hillside because it was too steep and (2) not being able to sled down the hillside because it was too wooded. So there was plenty of 'peaceful' time while we figured out what to do. Some minor injuries aside, everything went well. After we got down and followed the beaten path, we encountered snow cavers and some boy scouts building igloos. There was a nice waterfall, several beautiful dogs, some good sledding and the potential to see the lake had we stayed on the trail. There was not a cloud to be seen. Here is some documentation of our being on the hike.

To get there, take Exit 52 from I-90 and head toward the Alpental ski area. Park in the very last lot and follow the groomed trail. After an open meadow, the path quickly narrows to a single track. Be on the lookout for prime sledding slopes on your left. Call ahead for the avalanche risk. This is one ONLY for low risk forecasts.


gecko said...

does this mean you might start uploading pictures to flickr?!? (if so, yay!)

thomas said...

I am going to try, but my focus will stay on the writing rather than the pictures. I like the idea of putting mure pics on nuevocolony though. It might make it more interesting.