Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fire Works?

Uhh, yeah...

So I was at lab at 6:00 on Saturday evening toiling away at the research stuff, when JG yelled at me (I was wearing headphones) to look out the window. Actually, all I heard was FIRE! (We had a fire drill yesterday that everybody passed with flying colors...)

The moral of this story is that there was a fireworks show on Seattle's Lake Union this evening. Complete with cubes and smiley faces. Anyway, I called my cousin-in-law to see if she knew what it was all about. (She has a SWEET view of Lake Union and Gas Works Park.)

Anyone out there know what this was about?

My first thought was the Vista roll-out. (As in Microsoft's new operating system.) There could be enough tech nerds in Seattle to pull it off... Bill Gates is on the Daily Show Monday, after all. The cousin thought it was for the Boat Show. JG thought that was a good bet.


gecko said...

I saw them too! I was in my car driving south on I-5 at the time.

It's actually part of the world's largest puzzle game; Microsoft is indeed involved, but it doesn't specifically have to do with the Vista launch. There were clues hidden in the fireworks display. The winners of the game get to fly into space on a sub-orbital flight.

This is not the same as Microsoft's annual puzzle hunt.

gecko said...

OK, so I just read some more info here that indicates that the puzzle game is indeed tied to the Vista launch. (Which makes sense when you think about it, of course.)

Also, so that's what the barge out in Lake Union on Friday was for...

thomas said...

The Sunday Seattle Times published a little 100 word blurb calling it the Microsoft Worldwide Puzzle. Evidently, "some residents telephoned The Seattle Times after the display to complain about the noise."

thomas said...

And if you happen to win this trip to space, watch out for the IRS!

Free space flight is anything BUT free!