Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

You've arrived when you make it into the University Week.
For more information, read this...
Extra points go to the person who first determines where the second link's photo was taken...

Water Water Everywhere!

The Lake Union water taxi may yet have a chance! As part of Seattle's grand plan to "bridge the gap" (between what?), crews are resurfacing Dexter Avenue North. Part of that plan seems to include a rapid transit path to Lake Union... for boats...

But seriously: right now water - some of it knee high - is streaming past my building at 9th and Mercer on all four sides! This main broke right in front of the King5 TV studios. A good slide show is available at their site. The Seattle Times reports that:

About two blocks away, Mayor Greg Nickels canceled a news conference scheduled at 9 a.m. to highlight major improvements to city roads.

It's too bad I didn't bring my canoe to work today!