Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Birds

Today was a good one for birding on the way to the bus stop. Leaving my house I saw a ~2 year old eagle flapping southbound. It had a clear white triangular patch, but no bald head or tail yet. I think its beak was malformed, which might be caused by an Aspergillosis infection.

Then as I turned onto the Burke-Gilman Trail, I noticed first the meooow of a towhee, and then a strangely quiet Stellar's jay investigating the poor towhee's nest. I tried to scare the nest-robber, but was unsuccessful. Then, up on the ridge, I noticed a flicker performing its duties as morning alarm clock. It was rat-a-tatting on the steel cover of someone's chimney. I can't blame it for finding a perfect drum! Then strolling past some plum trees, I was shadowed by a flock of bushtits.

And to think that I complain about the long 74 bus ride. If I didn't take that bus, I would miss out on some of nature's drama!

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